Mini break - Part 1

This weekend just gone I was lucky enough to be swept away to Wanaka in the South Island of NZ by my boyfriend for our two year anniversary! Four days of bliss surrounded by mountain ranges and gorgeous  blue lakes in perfect company what more could a girl ask for! We packed fairly light as we only had carry on baggage and so I packed my favourite dress of the moment which hopefully you are not all sick of seeing just yet. This dress served me well this weekend, it was really warm down south and the cotton fabric kept me nice and cool while feeling very fashionable and comfy. 

I am quite excited about these photos you are about to see as they were so much fun to shoot, even though I was a wee bit gross and sweaty after an early morning and two plain rides I just love all the colour and the background of course! 

Dress - Thrifted
Belt - Virtue
Lipstick - Autralis (Flamingo)

This was day one after just arriving in Wanaka we had a little drive around and explored the landscape a little. I have been to the South Island a few times but never to Wanaka and I was just so blown away with how beautiful it all was. The weekend was filled with mini road trips and constant eating and lots of laughs and of course many many many pictures of the view and me. I feel like I was on tour with my own photographer so thanks Andrew! 

I had such a lovely weekend and now am back in reality and packing up the house for the move on Friday. I hope you all had an amazing weekend and I look forward to showing a few more holiday snaps with you soon.